Route Saftey

In order to ensure that Brough Park Run is a fun and safe event for participants, spectators and marshals care must be taken of the following:

  • The course is not closed to other park users, so please be considerate to them by giving way when appropriate. In doing so your time will not be adversely affected and it will make the event enjoyable for everyone.
  • During these events photos are taken at both the start and around the course and are subsequently published on Facebook and this website.  If you do not wish to have photos of you or your child appear on the internet please can you inform one of the main officials.  Also, if you are not happy with a particular photo appearing on either site, please use either use Facebook messenger or the contact form to inform us, giving the details of the photo you wish to be removed.
  • At times there will be mud, leaves and puddles on the course at various locations, so please be careful running on these surfaces and wear appropriate footwear.
  • Although most of the course is checked before each event, participants still need to be careful of the following hazards: other runners, cyclists, pedestrians, children, dogs, wildlife, uneven surfaces, fallen branches, vehicles and other obstacles around the course.
  • Please ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to walk, jog or run your chosen distance.  However, we do not pressure anyone into running or walking, so feel free to withdraw at any time but please inform an official.
  • If you notice another runner who has a serious problem, please stop to help out and inform an official as soon as possible but, in an emergency; do not hesitate to call an ambulance immediately.
  • If you are spectating please keep clear of runners and look after any children or dogs you may have with you.
  • The Junior race (2.2K) is suitable for both running with dogs and buggies.  However, the insurance does not cover any damages caused by your dog.  You will need pet insurance to cover this.  Also, please put dogs on a short lead or harness and keep them under control throughout the event.  When pushing a buggie, please start towards the back of the field and take care of others around you.