Coronavirus Information

The safety and wellbeing of the BPRC community is our highest priority and we continue to monitor the situation, adopting the advice from, amongst others, England Athletics, to ensure the welfare of our members, staff and public.

The first event after lockdown was on the 15th of August, and all feedback from staff and participants seem to indicate that the enforced changes we're received and adopted, and the event went well.
Therefore, we are continuing with Saturday events over all distances.
However, for all participants. old and new, there is a need to read the following instructions, under:
Long winded way forward
How will the C25K restart?
Pre-event briefing
Covid Code of Conduct


Have patience and digest the following.
As the attendance at both Wednesday and Saturday training session’s ebbs and flows, the club moves tentatively forward towards a full Saturday event.

Government restrictions have been lifted and English Athletics have also provided information on starting outdoor events once again.  We now have:
  • A risk assessment
  • Permission from our insurer
  • Permission from the council

All which means we can safely start again on Saturday 15th August.

The long-winded way forward

One of the many decisions we have made to aid safety is to provide every participant with RFiD-wristband.
As many will know the club isn’t awash with funds and hasn’t charged the earth, no more than the amount to cover annual insurance price or ask for an additional registration fee.
The current attendance cost works out at < 6p a week per person.
At this point, the club has nowhere near enough funds to purchase the number of RFiD required to supply all the current membership, and may fold or have to restrict its activities if it cannot meet the desired requirements.
It is anticipated the majority of the members who haven't previously donated towards RFiD will cover the cost of this purchase.
Hopefully, crowd-funding and purchase of individual RFiD will ensure we are solvent.
The RFiD cost £8 each, so we are:
  • anticipating that many other adults will be willing to pay for theirs
  • giving every child under 16 one for free, or parents can donate.
If anyone leaves the club, or after a year of none-participation, they will be asked to return the item and reimbursement of £5 of the initial purchase price will be made.
The need for this personal issue should seem fairly simple - the prevention of passing on any germs via numerous people handling the wristbands - on the day and week-on-week basis.
Therefore, as participants return to their first event, they will be issued with RFiD, the identity number of which will be logged along with the owner’s bib number, at the same time as updating their contact details.
We will no longer need to collect any information from participants at the finish; only any changes in the distance covered, or time started.

How will the C25K restart?

It is very important that you read the following documents as this will help greatly with keeping everyone as safe as possible at the event

Pre Event Briefing
COVID Code of Conduct

Register for you RFID tag.

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