The route is well signed and marshalled; all the distances have been officially measured using a surveyors wheel and are accurate to the distances of: 800m, 1.5K, 2.2K, 3.6K and 5K (3.1 miles). They all start by the swings on Park Road and comprise of mostly tarmac paths with a short grassy section. It is not regarded as a hilly course but on the main loop there is an incline that is not considered steep.

For the 800mts route simply follow the signs to the finish.

The 1.5K route is divided into three sections, which can be viewed on the maps below and consist of:

A start section of 560 meters (1), a shorter loop of 700 meters (2), then a last section of 240 meters, finishing at the bandstand (4).

For the 2.2K, 3.6K and 5K, the routes are also divided into three sections and consist of:

A start section of 560 meters (1), leads into the main loop of 1400 meters (3),  in which the number of laps determines how far you wish to run.  The last section of the course comprises of 240 meters, following the incline up the side of the car park, when you head directly to the finish at the scenic location of the bandstand (4).

Route Map (1) Starting Section

Route Map (1)

Route Map (2) 1.5K loop


Route Map (3) Main Loop

Route Map (2)

Route map (4) Then head to finish at the Bandstand


The distances are judged as follows:

800m – Follow Map (1) and (4)

1.5K – Follow maps (1), (2), then (4)

2.2K – Follow maps (1), (3), then (4)

3.6K – Follow maps (1), two laps of (3), then (4)

5K     – Follow maps (1), three laps of (3), then (4)

Finish at the picturesque location of the Bandstand