08.03.18 Pic’ of the Week

This week’s pic’ of the week goes to Karl Birch. Karl first joined BPRC back in 2015 on the 2.4K of the original route. Now, he takes part nearly every week and achieved a 5K PB of 24.27 in his last event. Furthermore, he can often be seen running around the streets of Leek and he participated for one of our Showground Relays teams last June.

Karl admits he would never have become a runner,but as can be seen, taking part in our event can change lives; improving health, making new friends and take you to amazing places.

All you need to start is shorts and trainers and a £3 annual subscription – cheap as chips! Then starting slow, our plan and support from members will get you to build through the distances to 5K at a pace that suits you. All you need is right here. BPRC.