Long awaited running attire with club badge.

A deal has been set up with Supersports Leisure wear, situated at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek, to supply an array of sports clothing with the BPRC logo printed upon them.

You can choose almost any item that their shop stocks and have the embroidery, club  logo printed on it, in any position you desire; for example: the ‘Technical running vest’ worn by Harry in the picture (obviously not his size) can be purchased, complete with the logo for around £8.50.

There are many more items in the shop that can be chosen and this is what you need to do in order to obtain any item:

Visit the shop and choose the garment you require.

Write down the exact name, size, colour of the garment.

Choose which position do you want the logo sewing.

What colour do you require the logo to be.

Get a price for the garment.

Add on the logo costs which are approximately £2.50 each.

If desired, your registered number can be printed on the item at an additional cost.

Give your written order to either Steve or Brian and we will process your requirements, and collect your payment.

The reason for this ‘long winded’ way of doing things is twofold: the shop cannot deal with the varied, personal issues involved and there needs to be at least six items on order to keep down the costs.