To encourage our juniors, BPRC awards them prizes for taking part in a set number of runs. There is:
A trophy for taking part in 25 events.
A silver cup for 50 events.
A larger cup for 75 events, then larger cups for every 25 runs completed since then.

So far, the juniors who have reached these achievements are listed below.

Pippa Waddle 50th Run

Cayden Geens 25th Run

Ryley Hulme 25th Run

Freddie Hales 25th Run

Emily and Izzy Pettitt 25th Runs

Esmae, Ava, Arthur and Lilia Campbell 25th Runs

Noah Phillips and Max Tideswell 50th Runs

Ned Cook 25th Run

Josh and Rian Webster 25th Runs

Laurie Hinton 100th Run

Toby Poulton 50th Run and Sienna Phillips 100th Run, Presented by veteran runner Bryan Vigrass and Mayor Sue Coleman

Imogen Phillips and Lucas Rowley 50th Runs

Rosie Carter 25th Run

Luke McMullan 50th Run

Joseph Lockett 50th Run

Joshua Eames 150th Run

Harvey Murfin 25th Run

Bailey Dunn 25th Run

Archie Woolley 25th and Connie Statham 50th Runs

Martha Williamson 50th Run

Miley Brown 25th Run

Harry Durber 25th Run

Edward Dodd 100th Run

Lucas Rowley 25th Run

Max and Ella Tideswell 25th Runs

James Burgess 100th Run, Dan Frewer, Keira Carney and Toby Poulton 25th Runs

Harry Bond 50th and Alex Poulton 25th Runs

Ben Geens 25th Run

Bleu Bailey 25th Run, and William Dodd 50th Run, (Presented by v40 runner Bryan Vigrass)

Archie and George Bower 25th Runs

Joshua Eames 125th Run, Laurie Hinton 75th Run and Oliver, Jessica and Jack Grimes 25th Runs (Presented by v40 runner Bryan Vigrass)

Libby Soutart 25th Run (Presented by Mayor Roy Tomkinson and Cllr Sue Coleman)

Noah Phillips 25th Run

Pippa Waddell 25th Run

Sophia Hinton 25th Run

Sienna Phillips 75th Run, Joseph Lockett and Oliver Bailey 25th Run (Presented by Bryan Vigrass)

Eden Pigott 50th Run


Edward Dodd 75th Run, Daisy Williamson and Laurie Hinton 50th Run

Madeline Statham 25th Run


Joshua Eames 100th Run

James Burgess 75th Run

Louise Hackett 25th Run

Molly Williams 25th Run

Martha Williamson 50th Run

Connie Statham 25th Run


Ethan Ollier and Lewis Smith 25th Run

William Dodd 25th Run


Joshua Eames 75th Run

Lara Smith 25th Run and Sienna Phillips 50th Run

Laurie Hinton 25th Run (Presented by Veteran Runner Bryan Vigrass)

Luke and Esme Hopkinson 50th Runs

Jordan Ash 25th Run

Jack Bray 25th Run

James Burgess 50th Run

Edward Dodd 50th Run (Presented by County Councillor Charlotte Atkins)

Jacob and Dominic Cumberbatch 25th Run

25.02.17 Eden Pigott 25th Run

12.11.16 Harry Bond 25th Run

hb-achievement hbs-achievement

05.11.16 Daisy Williamson 25th Run

img_3932 img_3933

15.10.16 Joshua Eames 50th Run

img_3627 img_3628

24.09.16 Sienna Phillips 25th Run


24.09.16 Martha Williamson 25th Run


03.09.16 Grace Bond 25th Run


30.07.16 James Burgess 25th Run

img_2469 img_2498

02.07.16 Esme and Luke Hopkinson 25th Run


02.07.16 Nina Riley 25th Run


04.06.16 Edward Dodd 25th Run


14.05.16 Emily Holland 25th Run


02.04.16 Joshua Eames 25th Run