30.01.18 Pic’ of the Week

Last week’s belated pic of the week is an inter-generational picture of son, mother and grandfather; Laurie (6), Rebecca and Bill; while father and daughter; Dave and Sophie (3); took the shorter distance. According to the BHF, only 60% of adults get the required amount of exercise and sadly, only 21% of children achieve their target. With all the screen time, kids just don’t get the physical activity they need. Making fitness fun and not so much a chore is a way for the most resistant exercisers to become more active. Spending time with children can help to bond and strengthen the family relationships. By taking the time to become active you are showing your children that movement is fun, encouraging them to embrace healthy habits. What’s more; increasing physical activity is not only good for a child’s mental health, by boosting confidence and making new friends, but also for academic performance. BPRC