26.01.19 Pic’ of the Week

Last week’s Pic’ of the Week (26.01.19) is by way of celebrating the achievements of Wendy Waddell.

Wendy joined BPRC in July 2017 to support her then six-year-old daughter, Pippa.

Starting out in the 800m, they soon became admired by everyone in the club for taking part whilst defying Pippa’s struggle with a heart defect. Despite all the hospital appointments she went through, she always maintained a happy, smiley face showing to all that she would never give up.

Since then, Wendy and Pippa have moved up to the 1.5K distance, and more recently Wendy, building through the 2.2K, became a regular entrant in the 3.6K. Wendy also trains with friends in the back lanes of Cheddleton on parts of the Christmas Pud route.

Then last week, Wendy achieved her first 5K in a sub-45 minute time of 44.08. To celebrate her achievements, on the same day, Wendy agreed to represent BPRC by being interviewed on Moorlands Radio alongside GB OCR representative Jason Burgess.

We wish to congratulate her on all she has achieved and to thank her for all she has done for the club from the start and look forward to following them both in the future. BPRC