20.04.18 Pic’ of the Week

Hi, once again from the side-lines of Brough Park Couch to 5K.

The pic’ of the week from last Saturday’s event (14/04/18) goes to Claire Williamson.
Claire joined our little event some two years ago, and may not attain PB’s week-on-week but gives it her all.
Having contracted the ‘running bug’ she’s moved on to longer distances, and is not only a regular 5K entrant but, joins Cheddleton Joggers on regular mid-week training sessions, in addition to being well on the way to completing her goal of five 10K’s in her 50th year.
Claire, like a growing number of members, is regularly joined by the rest of the family – Martha, Daisy and hubby, Tony.
It was noted, recently, that Claire was encouraging new entrants by quoting the many benefits of participation in a fitness event; not only the obvious physical well-being, improved self-esteem, weight loss combined with the social aspect of being amongst like-minded friends.
We wish her family, and all our other members, the best of health as they strive to achieve their aim.
Pic’ of Claire alongside of a possible mentor, in all aspects of half marathon running, Heather Finney.