15.03.18 Pic’ of the Week

Hi, once again from the side-lines of Brough Park Couch to 5K.
The pic’ of the week for the 10/03 event goes to Charlotte Statham; not just for the fact that she typifies what our event is all about but, for additional attributes; attending when one can, alone or with part of, or the whole family and dog; supporting others in addition to making improvements along the way, no matter how little those improvements are or over how many weeks they take, combined with set-backs as and when they arise.
Our overall aim is to get people to attend our events, no matter how fit they are, or how fitter or faster they become after ‘x’ weeks, months or years.
Charlotte is one of a band of participants that find the time and effort to get out there in the week – alone, or with Cheddleton Joggers and in other events – and attending our little ‘Couch to 5K’.
Just a hint – BPRC Wednesday evening training commences after Easter 🐣.
Our staff are here to support everyone whenever and however we can.