15.02.18 Pic’ of the Week

This week’s “Pic’ of the Week” goes to the four adults, three kids and dog that turned up to continue to maintain their fitness only to find out the event was cancelled. In with the bunch, was even a member who came to volunteer. We are sorry that they had to return home without anything to show.
It is with great sadness that we have had to cancel five times this winter, making it our worst season so far. We try our best to make sure each event can go ahead, but cannot risk your safety.
There have been times that the weather forecast has been favourable only to find ground frost that would be expected to thaw, worsening into ice towards the start time. Scatterings of rock salt onto a few dangerous areas proved futile. Last week, the entire route was frozen, with no signs of it thawing. Later that day temperatures rose to 7oC. Conditions like these have forced us into late cancellations. At other times, snowfall has predictably called things off.
We sincerely hope that you will bear with us through the wintry weather; we hope to see both new and existing members at the start line tomorrow. BPRC.
P.S. It’s forecast to be 3oC in the morning, so no chance of frost!