13.04.19 Event Report

Brough Park Couch to 5K (13.04.19)
There were a number of regular absentees at the 170th Couch to 5K event – which is normal during the school holidays – the start of which was preceded by a presentation by Bryan Vigrass to Harry Durber, for completing his 25th event attendance.
However, despite a lower than usual attendance, there was a return for around three dozen others; one being Louise Hackett (14) who toed the line after many weeks and remained hot on the heels of Isaac Elkington from the start to finish of the full distance in a time of 19.33, which shattered her existing ladies record by almost 3-dozen seconds; a stride adrift at the line having pushed Isaac along to finish a handful from his five-week-old PB; an effort which left him lying prone just beyond the line.
Nick Hulme also returned, and despite minimal training, kept up over half the distance before dropping off to finish a good minute adrift and only a score less than that from his best.
Both Clare Lawley and Dave Edge improved significantly; the former reduced her best by half a minute to 23.46 – not too long ago she was in excess of that by 2 minutes – the latter was within 90 seconds of his best in an even 24 minutes, after many weeks completing the full distance prior to the timed the event.
Karl Birch chipped three seconds from his last week’s time and is only double that away from his PB, with a time of 24.33; pulling along Tony Williamson – who has only completed four events this year – to cross the line exactly a minute from his best and a handful in arrears.
Two newbie’s, Becci Neale and Caroline Staton reached the tape in 25.31 and 28.59; while nine-year-old Lucas Rowley once again completed this route and chopped over a minute off his last event and best in 25.35; followed by the return to the full distance for Matthew Hales, who finished a good dozen behind Charlotte Statham as she reduced her last event time by a handful to 26.01; with Suzie Noble a score behind in a slightly faster pace than her last and only a dozen from her best.
John Lagan slowed by a score to 26.36, whereas Jan Percival improved by double that to 28.39.
Ian Frewer has had a stop start year due to injury, but returned to reduce his last event time by a ton to 29.04, which was two minutes away from his record; while Danniella Birch has lowered her time by four minutes over six events to a new PB of 29.27, and just a stride ahead of Elenor Butler-Malone.
Diane Carter returned after a couple of weeks away in overseas events, to match her last event time of 29.44; which was four score ahead of Jo Phillips who slowed slightly.
However, Hannah Patterson reduced her month-old, last outing PB by 3 seconds; while Nicola Damjanovic was unable to match her month-old best in 31.07; as Sarah Garde improved by half a minute to 31.51, and is less than a score from her best; with Dawn Brown lowering her last time by almost four score and around two minutes behind.
In the absence of Heidi and daughter, Keira, it was up to father, Jamie to escort youngest daughter, Izabella (4) and her faithful, cuddly companion, ‘Foxy Fox’ around this route for the first time in a joint 22.16; as twelve-year-olds, Angel Scragg and Poppy Lawlor returned and ambled to the line in 13.11, around a score ahead of Joshua Eames (8), Dexter Cook (3) and father, Dan.
Ryley Hulme (11) chipped one second from his best to 10.36, as Luke McMullan (7) returned to complete the distance a minute slower time than his record in 12.29; which was 10 seconds in front of Alex Poulton.
Imogen Phillips (11) matched her last event time in 12.46, which was a minute from her fastest; as Kyla Tideswell missed out by just one second from her record in 13.20; while Ava Campbell (8) and Connie Statham (7) crossed the line together, also a minute away from their records in 13.35.
Sharyn Mycock and Sarah Ashe teamed up to finish half a dozen seconds apart from 14.46, with the latter reducing her six-month-old record by the same.
The three remaining Campbell youngsters, Arthur (10), Esmae (6) and Lilia (12), crossed the line in 13.57, 15.14 and 15.42; with the former improving his last event time by over a minute, as Esmae matched her best and Lilia reduced her PB by over 50 seconds.
Both Max Tideswell (5) and Bailey Dunn (12) improved their last event times by a minute; the former remaining the same from his best in 14.04 and the latter an additional 30 from his in 15.30; as Miley Brown (8) crossed the line two score in arrears, two minutes away from her record but, half a minute quicker than previous.
Fran Ward and daughter, Libby (5) ambled around the distance in a well below par time of 21.20.
Harry Durber was four score from his best with a 17.42 time; while Olivia Lawley (10) reduced her six-month-old record by a similar amount to 20.49, and Sandra Jeffery recorded 21.04 ands PB by four-dozen in her second event.
There was almost a joint finish of 21.05 for: Madeline Statham (13), Harvey (12) and Lee Murfin; with Lee chopping over a minute from his record and Harvey two-score.
Sisters, Megan (12) and Ruby Lawley (8) crossed the line a handful apart from in 22.25, which was a score from their best; while Rian (9) Josh (8) along with father, Nick Webster clocked around the 24.30 mark; as Lee Poulton and son, Toby (11) upped their distance for the first time to record 25.09.
Ruth Cook escorted son, Ned (5) to a 30.46 finish, as Wendy Waddell dropped back by a few seconds to 31.38.

Thanks to Sam and Paul Goldstraw, Richard Dodd and Gareth Briggs, for their much-needed help as things didn’t go to plan; in addition to Bryan Vigrass for his much appreciated, marshal duties.