12.04.18 Pic’ of the Week

Running can seem to be lonely, boring and even scary when starting out. Keeping up your motivation and improving your distance or speed is tricky when there is no one to see, just you. Nonetheless, we believe, joining our ‘Couch to 5K’ can put the fun back into the run before you reach for that TV remote. But yes, it may be off-putting to meet up with total strangers in lycra who, you imagine, will run away from you.
However, at BPRC we have never noticed a more welcoming and supportive people as our members. It’s important to realise that everyone was a beginner once. We are never happier to see new members becoming more active and proud that they have chosen to take their first steps with us.
Epitomising this and making pic’ of the week is Sarah Garde who started in the 2.2K in February last year and is now a regular 5K runner for us. Fitting into the club straight away her friendly, supportive nature has no doubt helped other runners in achieving their goals. BPRC